The 543 Check sheet for briefing the event photographer

Thank you for requesting the 543 Check Sheet for Briefing The Event Photographer.

You can download the document, by click on the image below or click here.


Before the event

1) Venue, date and expected time of arrival for photographer
2) Inform photographer on the dress code
3) Supply photographer with attending VIP names and pictures where possible
4) Explained Requirement and Time Schedule
5) Agree Finish Time and Confirm Price

The detailed briefing

1) Are Room Shots Required Pre Event?
2) Are Clients Branding Images Required Pre Event?
3) Supply Detailed Timing of the Event
4) Discuss Or Supply Details Of Images Required At Each Point

General notes on style

1) A Photographer Will Always Want To Know the Style Requirements of Their Client
2) If Group Shots Are Required Supply List of Names
3) If You Have Any Pet Hates, Let The Photographer Know![/two_third][one_third]