Green screen video blogging

Green Screen video blogging, what’s that? Some of you may already be aware I have set up a separate web site at to promote my new service of video blog recording using green screen. What is green screen? Well it’s a simple technique used extensively in the video filming industry to generate different backgrounds from the original footage shot.

By making the whole of the background a constant colour, or green screen as it’s called it’s possible to digitally screen out the chosen colour – in this case believe it or not, ah Green!

So the advantages to the users is I can now offer clients a simple to camera studio setting where they can record any message they like which can then have their own logo’s, products or services dropped in the background. It doesn’t have to be just a still image either, it’s possible to add video footage in as well. This means everyone’s video blog can be unique.

But looking at video blogs, they don’t just have to be sales messages; you could educate, inform, teach skills and share tips that potential viewers find of interest. If fact the more the subjects covered are of interest to the viewer rather than the poster the better the response and click through rate.

I recently used a slightly amusing video as a back drop for a message posted out on Mailchimp, the click through rate was double the expected industry average. This tells me not only video works but making it fun works even better.

All your SEO gurus are shouting about how important it is to have video on your web site. Well now it’s possible. Take a look at to see how cost effective video blogging can be.


Brian Russell

copyright April 2015