Improving your pictures with cropping


So many people use their phones today as their main photographic recorder. The normal end goal is social media, but could you improve your images before posting them?

What most people forget these days are that the file sizes shot by mobiles these days is quite often far greater than needed for posting to social media so you now actually have no excuse for not being able to fill the frame with the subject when shooting because you can crop the image after and just get the most important part of the image filling the frame.

An image that fills the frame with the subject you want the viewer to see is more likely to be far more interesting than one that has two thirds of the frame filled with irrelevant detail.

Uncropped image
An uncropped image
a cropped image
The cropped image from the same frame looses nothing in quality in this medium but improves the image.


Many pictures can be improved by totally changing the shape of the final frame, everyone knows the wide screen television and the super wide screen cinema experience is far more dramatic than the old rectangular formats.

Cropping an image can be done in almost all programs that handler images. Have a go yourself and see how much it improves your images.


Copyright Brian Russell July 2015