Inexperience can generate mistakes. Don’t let yours show!

wrong way round


It struck me that this is an example we can all learn from. Inexperience can generate mistakes. This is why a seasoned professional is actually worth their weight in gold.

The old phrase of I wouldn’t trust him to sit the right way on a toilet seat has never been so appropriate than when you are required to organise services that will reflect on your abilities. Why waste time and money on the cheapest service you can find when all along you would have saved time and effort getting a real professional involved?

The guy above? I wouldn’t accept a lift from him, how about you? You wouldn’t use a non professional pilot to fly your plane, you wouldn’t use an inexperienced manager to run your company, you wouldn’t emply an inexperienced cook for an important dinner? So why are you not using a proffesional photographer or videographer?

So the next time you are organising an event, needing portraiture or images and video for your company web site don’t let your inexperience show, use a professional. My details are on the contact page.


Brian Russell

copyright June 2014