The Video Blog a luxury or an essential?



The Video Blog has become the new must have item on your web site. BRD Associates is always looking to find new markets, new products . For many years now we have been offering video services from event coverage to talking heads and business promotional films. But the video blog is a new market which we have found needs serious consideration and that’s why we have set up .

Knowing that You Tube is the second largest search engine in the western world it seemed important to launch a specific video blog service at a cost effective price for both small and large companies. meets this need.

For our basic service offer a simple half hour videoing session in our studio, come along and record anything up to five short video blogs. We then supply the footage on a disc that you can put up to You Tube or embed in your web site.

The video blog is a tool which needs to be used regularly to get market penetration. And this is why we are offering contract prices on annual subscriptions at fantastic discount rates. If you haven’t got a video blog on your web site yet you need to take a look at to see how easy it is.

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Brian Russell

copyright April 2015