543, Briefing Event Photography

Be Prepared for the Event – download my 543 Event Photography Briefing

What’s a 543 event brief you may be asking? Well, after years of covering  event photography for all forms of events from conferences to Royal attended parties, from exhibitions to press launches I decided to put together the information an event photographer needs to cover a job.

Follow these simple rules, 5 points before the event, 4 points during the event and 3 points of general interest and you should have given your event photographer the tools he needs to do his job. This is a great reminder for experienced event organizers as well as a base to work from for new comers. Event photography can be covered in so many ways both good and bad with this guide you can be sure you will get the event photography you wanted and paid for.

Each point is highlighted and discussed in detail in the downloadable document. Many times what we say and what people hear is not the same, use this document to streamline your communication and you should be able to preempt negative situations at your event.

* Please note contact details are collected purely for internal use and not to be sold on, we only wish to let you know of future publications. If you have any event photography I can help you with please contact me at brian@brd.uk.com .





If you find this document of value please feel free to share it with your friends and associates, as it’s not only professionals that organise events!