Photography and Videography Pricing

Photography and Videography pricing for corporate and commercial work starts at £315 for individual location commissions. Every job is different though and to get a full confirmed price for your photography or videography please give us a call on 07768 510930. The reason we prefer to give pricing over the phone is we get a chance to discuss your job in more detail. The more we know about your commission the more exact we can be with our quotation, there can be quantity or contract discounts as well as general economies suggested.


For events we need to know not only location and timings but also your goals, are you  after publicity material, a record for your guests to relive the event? Do you need urgent receipt of the images or video for press launch follow up?

We can supply a range of services from multiple photographers to a mix of photographers and videographers and for the budget conscious even an option of one operator who can cover non time dependant events in both formats.

You might be requiring specialist services, photographic gifts for guests on the night or a slide show of the event uploaded to a screen for display during the event. Please give us a call and we can assist.


Are your organising CEO portraits or Ministerial portraits for press and publicity? Or perhaps you are organising all the staff portraiture for an intranet site or web use. We have the expertise to be able to give either cost effective and efficient coverage, giving a range of shots for a multiple uses or if you have an important and  busy CEO or minister we can supply a friendly quick yet fresh series of images in the shortest possible time. This is why we have been used for 3 different Department of Health Ministers of State, a Cabinet Office Minister and a complete set of Home Office Ministers. Commercial portraits start from £315.00 on location.

Corporate and Industrial

With  abilities to cover everything from architectural images, people at work or any form of case study or imagery for annual reports we can help most any type of client. DHL and logistics, scientific equipment in use for the NHS or a bricklayer at work on a new build we can assist. Whether you are looking for an industrial photographer or a corporate photographer or your interest is in commercial videography we can help. Prices for corporate and Industrial photography shoots start from £315.


We cover wedding photography and wedding event videography all over London and the South East, we can do anything from a full blown classical wedding coverage with both stills and video with multiple image artists right down to a minimum coverage at a registry office or civil partnership event. Weekend weddings start at £600 but don’t forget a service is not just about the price, it’s all about the quality and service you get for the price. We might not be the cheapest around but we do offer a service that is well above the average.

Family Portraits and Genealogy Services

A family portrait service in your own home is offered on a quote only basis dependent on what you want from the images taken, wall hangings, digital files only or a variety of prints.

Genealogy Parties and family history videos are a more complicated subject to price again because there are so many options from multiple location recording to record all the ancestors to one short event where everyone is gathered together. please contact Brian Russell to discuss your project.