10 Things we hate about Event Photographers

1) Event Photographers never seem to go to work when everyone else does

2) Event Photographers get paid to go to beautiful places, meet interesting people and charm them into smiling for their camera

3) Event Photographers never take selfies

4) Event Photographers understand what an F-stop is and why they use them

5) If they are over 45 they understand lighting because they had to, to get exposures on film

6) Event Photographers sometimes get fed while being paid

7) Event Photographers are always smiling (see 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10)

8) If asked, they always have more interesting stories to tell than most of the guests.

9) Event Photographers always seem to get to the front at any important moment of an event

10) Event Photographers catch the action with infinite ease while everyone else is still waiting for their phone flash to charge. I think this is called Professionalism?

Are you an event organiser, do you recognise some of these traits in your photographer? You must be employing a professional then! The key to success is surrounding yourself with professionals, having a professional photographer covering your event raises the status of your event and gives guests a better feeling of importance. Make sure you include an event photographer in your budget when quoting clients for work. Don’t scrimp on this aspect as this might well be the only means you have of remembering the event later and reminding attendees of their participation. Get the mileage from your events by having it recorded.


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