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This first video blog by Brian Russell, owner and leading photographer of BRD Associates discusses Commercial Portraiture. What should you be thinking about when having your commercial portrait done? What is the best way to achieve a smile when having your professional portrait taken?

Is there a best way to pose for a commercial portrait and how do you stop your nerves from showing? These and many other questions are answered in this professional guide to Commercial portrait photography.

Brian’s experience ranges from Auto biography covers to CEO’s of major blue-chip companies, from celebrities to sports personalities. The secret of commercial portrait photography is not only good lighting but the ability to relax the sitter and here Brian’s easy flow discussing the subject, all without notes or pre-thought illustrates one of the skills Brian has achieved in more than 25 years of commercial portrait photography.

A good portrait is not taken, it is given. People only give of their best when they are relaxed, therefore the photographer needs to be attuned to the emotions of a sitter never taking too long to complete a commercial portrait session. Brian’s motto is that if you haven’t achieved a good portrait within the first 10 minutes you are unlikely to achieve better in the next. With this theory put into practice Brian is able to achieve a good rate of shots while giving the least stress or fuss to the client. Busy CEO’s and Chairmen have little time to spare so a quick and efficient service is always appreciated.

This form of commercial photography comes from years of experience of Corporate event photography, another specialism that requires a high degree of skill and experience as no situation is 100% in the control of the photographer.

Brian Russell

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