Which is more important at a wedding, video or photography?

Which is the most important service at a wedding. photography or video? A brides first instict is always to look at photography first to record the happy day. The album being an important feature of the service. But we live in changing times. Where in the past most people would connect with their friends in person now we have a much more extended friends group digitally where we contact using Facebook, twitter and the like.

All these digital media channels are just as capable of sharing video as well as stills. So is the album so important? Surely the images supplied digitally is the first and most important aspect of photography rather than an album? Similarly if you have the very best image printed blown up large and framed beautifully that is a much better memory of the wedding than an album in a box in the bottom of your wardrobe? So save money on your photography services by dumping the album and using the capital to consider some of the advantages of adding video into the mix.

So what’s so good about video? Well for a start sound is a medium that will assist in bringing back memories that photography doesn’t have. The complete recording of your service, speeches or messages from guests is something that photography can’t compete with. Many brides have said to me after I have covered both services for them at their wedding that their video is used more and brings back more memories of the day than their stills images.

Budgets are always tight when it comes to the extras at a wedding but one must bear in mind for all the chair covers and table favours and flowers ands decoration when the day is done all you have left apart from a partner is either your photography or videography. Which is more important? I can’t say which might be more important to you but I would be trying to make sure if it was my wedding to get some coverage in both formats.

Brian Russell

copyright March 2016