New Instagram page launched For BRD Associates

With so many people accessing information via mobiles and tablets these days it’s sometimes easier to gain information through a site than free surfing. With that in mind today I have launched a new instagram page for BRD  Associates  samples. A simple to access and view the overall style scope and quality of my work. To view please go to take a look and become a follower to be sure to catch all my latest images.

It’s an interesting situation that different access methods are changing people’s viewing habits. It’s said some people even find opening a web site too much hassle these days and want all the information presented for them in whatever is their favourite medium. This produces difficulties for smaller businesses. Trying to keep up not only new media to be shown but also making sure access is available from every viewing platform. This doesn’t just mean having an up to date web site that can cope with all formats but also considering other outlets that might be more popular or convenient for the viewer on the appropriate device. Hence my relaunch on Instagram.