Invicta Chamber – a good source of contacts

Invicta Chamber of Commerce is an organization for businesses in Kent. If you are running a business in Kent and want a chance to meet local businesses face to face in a range of social events can I recommend joining.

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce have over 1200 members and membership benefits include the supply of a list of all members and a list of over 400 members who are happy to receive emails from other members. This alone is reason enough to join.

If you are running a fledgling business with a wide customer profile then joining an organization with 1200 members is going to have far reaching advantages than joining a local BNI group or breakfast group, especially when the membership cost is about a third of the price.

So why am I writing this in my blog? Well the picture below is one reason. This is a picture of myself on a video shoot with clients The Stop Hunter and their marketing man Karl from Capricorn Twelve. What’s so special about that? Well we all met at one Invicta Chamber meeting.


Invicta Chamber

I could go on and list quite a few companies that my services have supplied that come from the Invicta Chamber but the point is that for all the ways of selling that we have available these days there is nothing like building up relationships face to face with other businesses. Cold calling on foot may have been the way 30 years ago, cold calling by phone the same 20 years ago and the email 10 years ago but the face to face networking is still the king of marketing today!

So if you are a business struggling to find that new business contact join a local Chamber of Commerce and benefit from the enthusiasm you will get from telling people face to face about your products and services. If you are based in Kent I can’t recommend the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce enough.


Brian Russell

Copyright September 2015