New service for Kent based Companies – a bargin!

BRD has launched a new service for kent Companies. Add video to your web site for as little as £299 plus vat for a 90 second video. Your company is filmed and edited professionally to show the main features of your business. For this very competitive low price a client can expect between a 90 secondand 2 minute edited video to promote their services for their home page. This is an ideal chance for new clients to experiment with adding video to their sites without investing too heavily.

It has been proved that web site viewers will stay longer on a site containing video samples. With a chance to speak directly to your client you have a chance to get the main points of your businesses services and benefits across to the viewer in one very simple and direct format. Grab the attention from the word go with this new service for Kent – don’t let your clients pass your site by without getting the point across. Face to face contact is known to be the best selling method but in todays busy world you are lucky if you can get in front of your potential clients to give your presentation verbally. These videos give you the chance to do just that, say your piece, sell your wares or just highlight the advantages of your services. Gain the clients interest in the first 90 seconds they are on your site and spur them on to action to contact you personnally.

The digital world is a fast moving one that leaves many people behind, these days everyone needs to keep their web sites fresh and modern if thhey are going to stand any chance of interesting clients. Modern sites need all forms of media, don’t let your compeitors steal a march on you by being more interesting!Get this new service for Kent companies exclusively before your competitors.

What we suggest is interested parties contact Brian on 01233 624 463 for details prior to planning anything. We can then advice the most important aspects to consider when planning a short video presentation, it has to be similar to the sales technique of the “Elevator pitch”, the key points and benefits of your services or product.