The requirement for instant download of imaging – is it only news stories?

I mentioned in my last blog that the virtually instant location download was now firmly established as a reality for any potential client that requires a news speed event coverage. At anytime during a conference or event images can be downloaded to a computer or tablet and sent with minor alterations if required to a site accessible to the client as soon as the upload is completed.

I thought it worth going into a little more detail on the subject and outlining where this service may be of interest.

Obviously the commission last week was a prime example of usage for this service. Any news worthy event with important speakers is going to benefit from immediate distribution of the story by the interested party or organiser so they can get their spin on the story rather than leaving it just to press coverage who often have their own agenda.

Speaker Westminster Hall
News today but not tomorrow?


But it stuck me there are many more areas of photography that could benefit from remote access to instant images while they are being taken. Portraiture for example, the sitter could be shown the images not just on the back of a camera but at a reasonable viewing size on a tablet or screen so all the little detail can be appreciated and then the chosen image dispatched via the system so the client can utilise the image immediately .

What about wedding photography? Wouldn’t the Bride and Groom benefit from carefully chosen images appearing on their Facebook or twitter feeds for friends and relatives that couldn’t attend. I know we can all do this with our phones but the advantage of using good quality lenses with a professional eye producing a stunning image being distributed is going to impress much more than cousin Jimmy’s I phone snap.

Wedding, Broome Park, Kent
Instant news shot or creative after thought?


Looking at the other option for photographers that cover events where they sell prints on location. It is now easily possible to offer digital images to any client as you take the funds, this offers potential for higher return on lower costs.

So there is scope for the instant supply of images in more than just the news circles of this world and being a photographer able to offer these services may I be the first to offer my services if this is an area of interest to you in your business.