19 things all Event Organisers should know.

1)                    Not all event organisers are called Chloe and have a clip board. Though there is a 98% chance you might meet one in your career.


2)                    A 23 year old venue manager assigned for your event straight from university might not have as much experience as you.


3)                    An Ipad makes you look intelligent and busy even if you only use it to check your twitter feed. See 1 & 2 above.


4)                    A good event organiser won’t look stressed or be running about before an event, they will get others to do that.


5)                    Quality shoes show


6)                    Good Event organizers listen to advice from all their suppliers before making decisions. Seldom taking that advice, but at least they listen.


7)                    Clients Budgets are never large enough.


8)                    Just because an idea comes from someone young and fresh doesn’t always mean it’s better. (Again see 2 above)


9)                    Dirty or scuffed shoes don’t sell your services.


10)                  The age of a venue multiplied by the hire price equals the air of importance portrayed by the venue manager.


11)                  Event organizers rarely enjoy a party.


12)                  You are never over dressed in a suit.


13)                  There is never a table 13


14)                  Large table flower arrangements are hated by event photographers. If you don’t know why you might be 2) above


15)                  All musicians moan.


16)                  Not enough company do’s are held on Golf courses because there are more females involved in event management than men.


17)                  Event organisers normally have more interesting lives than their guests.


18)                  A big client in a small venue will always be more important than a small client in a big venue.


19)                  The prices on the menu multiplied by the depth of the carpet in centimeters will equal the air of aloofness of the head waiter.


Copyright Brian Russell May 2014