Holiday pictures? a professionals tip on how to improve them.

Holiday pictures? How can we improve them?



Taking better holiday pictures is simple, a few easy tips can transform your pictures. Here Brian Russell shares one of the most basic tips that most amateurs get wrong and can so easily be rectified. Like so many tips it’s obvious when pointed out but many many people get it wrong. The main problem is we all get too excited about looking at the subject we want to photograph and forget to look at what we actually have in the frame. So here’s the first simple tip to take better Holiday pictures, always look at all four corners of the frame before you press the button.


Doing so will suddenly make you realise you haven’t filled the frame with the subject you are interested in. The concentration on the main subject has blinded you to the full picture. Once realised there is a simple solution, either get closer to your subject or zoom the lens more to fill the frame. Holiday snaps shouldn’t be a chore but they can be a disappointment if you get it wrong. This simple tip will improve your strike rate of good pictures.

The other thing this little tip will assist with is noticing items or features that you really didn’t want in a picture, that telegraph pole or the dustbin that you hadn’t noticed well concentrating on the main subject. Sometimes once you have noticed some little element like this you will find that a step either left or right or that zoom will solve the problem and the picture is 100% better.

A good image is worth so much more than a poor one, not in a financial manner but in a memory jog form. You are more likely to remember a good picture than a poor one for a start and you are more likely to want to print and display a good picture which will again enhance the memories of a good time.


By Brian Russell

copyright May 2016